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Clubs, non-profits, organizations, and social groups are always looking for new and fun ideas to raise money to support the great work they do, and these groups do what they do with a passion. Let’s face it: If these groups weren’t there, many in our communities would go without the vital services that they need. But how many times have you helped at a car wash, yard sale, or banquet, only to raise a few hundred dollars for many hours of hard work? For a new and fun way to make thousands for your cause, sponsor and organize a group cruise. With the experience of a professional travel agent from Agape Travel, you will be the hero of the organization, and you'll be surprised at how effective it can be.

Getting started

  1. Pick a month/date for your cruise. Six to 12 months out is a good amount of time to get everyone together.
  2. Decide on how long of a cruise you would like to do. Three to five-day cruises work the best! It's long enough to be appealing but short enough to fit your patrons' schedules.
  3. Choose the embarkation port and where you want to go. Sailing close to home work best, as it keeps the individual cost down, as well as travel times.
  4. Set your goal on how many cabins you would like to sell. Minimum and maximum, well, that’s up to you. The more you sell, the more you make. Remember that guests are not limited to your organization, anyone can go!

Agape Travel’s experienced travel professionals will guide you through the process, helping you select the right sailing, date, and cruise line for your group.

How It Works

The cruise cost is set by the cruise line. After the base cost of the cruise is established for each cabin level, you can mark up the cruise fare to profit your organization. Also, many cruise lines will match funds or give a set donation per cabin. Each cruise line is different, so depending on your choice, will determine how much match you get from the cruise line. Say you select a 5-day cruise, and you choose a cruise line that matches $5 per person per day—that’s already an additional $25 per person on top of whatever markup you have in place.

Additionally, Agape Travel will donate 25% of our commission to your group. This amount varies depending on the total cost of the cruise; normally it’s around $25 per cabin. So if you sold 50 cabins, that’s about another $1,200 or so.

Now here is a secondary benefit. During your cruise, your donors and supporters are “trapped” on the cruise with your group for several days. We will have dinner, receptions, and shore trips together; you can get to know them, and they get to know you. You will have the opportunity to sell your ideas and goals for the future of your organization, which may open the door for future donations. You see, it’s truly a win-win situation.

What else do I need to do?

It’s simple: Just help promote the cruise. Get the word out, help disseminate information. Agape Travel does all the work. We sign people up, collect payments, make arrangements, and answer questions. If you would like, at no cost to you, Agape Travel will send an agent to travel with your group; we can be on the ship to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Building Your Fundraiser

It's a Win-win.